Issue 8

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Podcasts swirling, whirling, and moving

In the last issue of Well-Tempered, I commented on all the attention that podcasting is getting lately. I said I would write a longer piece with my own perspective on the evolution of podcasts, sponsorships and advertising.

But you aren't going to read that piece on Thanksgiving Day. I'm not going to write that piece on Thanksgiving Eve.

Here is something to tide you over until next week: Jason Snell's excellent post on Six Colors about the importance of podcast networks, especially 5by5 and why he's spun off his own Incomparable network.

(Speaking of Jason, I am so impressed with Six Colors. I certainly expected Jason to land on his feet after leaving Macworld and IDG. But in less than three months, he deftly launched an independent online publication that immediately became a must-read website.)


Birth control and Captain Kirk

Speaking of the Incomparable Network, you can hear me dissect an episode of Star Trek with Scott McNulty on his podcast Random Trek

The premise of Random Trek: every week, Scott invites a guest to the show to discuss s a random episode of Star Trek. There are nearly 700 episodes when you add up all five series (Original, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise). For my visit to the show, the random number generator assigned me The Mark of Gideon from the original series, which aired in January 1969.

The podcast should be available this soon. In the meantime, you might want to watch The Mark of Gideon before listening to our discussion. It's Season 3, Episode 17, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

I remember seeing this episode when I was a kid. It planted a rather creepy mental image of the consequences of overpopulation. Zero population growth was a big topic back then, and this episode of Star Trek tried to address it.

This is a fun podcast if you like Star Trek.



NaNoReadMo: Week 3

In recognition of National Novel Writing Month, I committed to read novels for 50 hours in November.

Current status: 37.5 hours of reading, 4 days to go.

Book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This book was recommended to me by my friend (and former book publishing colleague) Barbara Greenberg when it came out in 2011. I read the first chapter, and it didn't grab me, so I forgot about it. Lucky for me, Barb also recommended it to my friend Greg Scown. Greg's been nudging me to give it another try.

It is delightful and inventive. I still have another 100 pages to go.

I'm 12.5 hours away from my goal. I'm pretty sure I can hit that during a four-day holiday weekend.

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